Thanks, to all of you, 10 Deeds in 10 Days was a great success!

Just finished 10 Deeds in 10 Days! We received $500 in goods, $275 for cups, and a check for $5000.

KFFM School Food Drive

Participants: Selah Intermediate School,
Selah High School, West Valley Middle School,
West Valley Junior High, West Valley High School


News Talk KIT 

Dave and Lance of the Morning Show

Powerhouse Grill and Wait Staff 

Lion’s Club Health Screening

Fiesta Foods

Union Gap Corn Maze

ALL STATIONS Safeway Bagging Groceries 

(1st and Mead location)

KATS Car Wash at Moulin Brew

KDBL Dickey’s for a Day

KDBL (72nd Ave Wray’s) Live Dollar Drive

MEGA 99.3 FM Sing for your Supper with Baby Joel (56th Ave Wray’s – Chalet)

KATS and KFFM Live Dollar Drive

DJ from each station will be at a Wray’s Market IGA store

KFFM (Chalet) and KATS (3rd Ave)

Thank you again to local businesses that took part in this event.