In the spring of 2009, a small group of Yakima veterans saw a need to “fill the gap” when circumstances would unexpectedly find a veteran or their family members temporarily without food or groceries.

Out of this awareness, a vision arose for a resource that would provide immediate and direct temporary assistance to veterans and their families in the form of wholesome, balanced foods and groceries.

This vision gave birth to the Yakima Veterans Support Group: Our mission is to stock and maintain the food bank at the Yakima Vet Center and, when possible, serve as a food resource for other veteran service organizations needing similar help.

Today, a veteran or a veteran’s spouse and children can come to the Yakima Vet Center and in just minutes, leave with a supply of food or a pre-paid grocery voucher to help see them through their immediate crisis.  There is no charge for this service, no line to wait in, and no forms to fill out!

100% of the funds we raise go directly to the veterans we serve - we are grateful, uncompensated volunteers and take great pleasure in serving as a conduit for Yakima area veterans, citizens and businesses that share our vision.

The best way to assist in this mission is a donation of cash* - while donated food items are always welcome, we’ve found that the optimum way to maintain a balanced pantry of wholesome foods is to regularly restock with newly purchased groceries.

We’ve also been able to obtain value discounts on pre-paid grocery cards to give veterans for grocery items we cannot efficiently stock.  This makes the money go further and better serves veterans with special dietary needs.

If you wish to help, please make your contribution payable to:

Yakima Veterans Support Group

P.O. Box 9502

Yakima, WA 98909

Thank You!

* We are eligible to receive tax-deductable contributions under IRC section 501(c)(3)

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