Immediate and direct resource for temporary assistance in
the form of wholesome, balanced foods and groceries.

We supply good healthy food options, pre-paid grocery cards, Thanksgiving and Christmas meal boxes.

Helping veterans and

their families.



The following food items are always most appreciated:


Small canned ham, tuna, chicken and SPAM

Spaghetti and meat sauces

Canned fruits and vegetables

Peanut butter, jam and jelly

Canned chili, beef stew, ravioli

Canned pork and beans

Macaroni and cheese


PLEASE – we cannot stock items in glass containers,
home-canned items, or items past ‘use by’ dates.


Your donation of food can be brought to:

The Vet Center
2119 W Lincoln Ave., Yakima WA

Open: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday


Questions, please call:

Terry Anderson 509-895-9192

Andy Pease 509-949-5793